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Hangar at Kesgrave Hall

Hangar at Kesgrave Hall

with a brief visit to St Mary’s church Woodbridge.

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Hangar at Kesgrave Hall.

Hangar at Kesgrave Hall The location is perfect for parties – set back from the road, along a tree lined driveway The Hangar [with it’s dedicated turning circle for all special guests!] is adjacent to Milsoms Kesgrave Hall Hotel. It’s a purpose built event venue with its reception area, kitchen, dance floor, stage, facilities and staff. In fact – it’s a versatile party venue.

Hangar at Kesgrave Hall is a country house located in woodlands north of the suburban village of Kesgrave, which itself is on the eastern outskirts of Ipswich, in Suffolk, England. It was constructed in 1812 by William Cunliffe-Shawe, and has been extended since, notably by the addition of a northern extension. The building has five large rooms downstairs, with another two in the northern extension, with a further seven upstairs.

The building is set in 38 acres (150,000 m2) of grounds, which includes woodlands, marsh and fields; a stream, which rises on Playford Heath, north of Kesgrave village, and joins the River Fynn, itself a tributary of the Deben, at Martlesham, runs west to east through the grounds.

Hanger at Kesgrave Hall

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