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Maison Talbooth Wedding

Maison Talbooth Wedding

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Maison Talbooth Wedding

Set back and beyond the gravel driveway, Maison Talbooth looks out across Constable’s Countryside and the Dedham Vale.

Established in 1969, this 19th Century modernised house in Essex has 12 uniquely designed bedrooms named after the famous poets of recent centuries. Every detail and every room has been considered – with Sky HD in-room, wifi, complimentary soft drinks, juices and snacks.

On arrival you’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome, you’ll be helped with your bags and you’ll be invited to simply make yourself at home. On entering through the front door, the light and relaxed lounge will lead you through to the Garden Room, which opens fully to the outdoor terrace. The terrace looks out across the lush green lawns which lead to the 85° outdoor heated pool, outdoor hot tub and beautifully designed pool house with a full-stocked honesty bar, Sky HD, robes and towels. The Pool House also includes an open log fire where you can enjoy a glass of champagne curled up on one of the sofas. If you would like a little more activity, we have an excellent tennis court that overlooks the pool and the fantastic countryside views.


The Treatment Rooms is our in-house spa, providing a quiet and relaxed environment perfect for being pampered in. Choose your favourite treatment or join us as part of a spa package to enjoy the full facilities, including heated outdoor pool, hot tub and tennis court.

Breakfast, lunch and our famous afternoon teas are served in the Garden Room (or lounge for tea) and on the terrace. For evening meals or alternative dining throughout the day, Le Talbooth is our riverside restaurant serving outstanding food with outstanding service just a few minutes away in our courtesy Range Rover. Milsoms is closely located, open all day for dining and has a more informal menu within a contemporary and newly refurbished interior.

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