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Hengrave Hall Charlotte and Craig

Hengrave Hall Charlotte and Craig

Recent wedding of Charlotte & Craig at Hengrave Hall, enjoy.

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Weddings at Hengrave

Exclusivity for you and your guests means you can plan the day of your dreams, where the possibilities are simply endless at Hengrave Hall. The sun-kissed West Terrace can provide the perfect outside space for your drinks reception in the summer months, surrounded by the sweet smell of David Austin Roses. A selection of lawn games are available to entertain all ages whilst the refreshments circulate. In the winter months’ guests can be welcomed in from the cold into the many beautiful, historic rooms within the Hall. And around Christmas, the aroma of mulled wine, carols playing and drinks around the beautifully adorned Christmas tree.

The Long Gallery is a favourite room for many guests at Hengrave Hall, with its white timber panelling and crystal chandeliers, the room offers the most wonderful space for you and your guests to enjoy a sumptuous wedding breakfast for up to 140 people. For more intimate parties the Dining Room, Library and Banqueting Hall can accommodate smaller wedding parties.

Once the formalities of the day have finished the party can really begin, throw open the doors to the Banqueting Hall – with the dazzling black and white dance floor, your choice of a music and wonderful additional lighting. This really is a room like no other; the beautiful bay windows and the magnificent minstrel’s gallery become a sea of colour over the dance floor.

The bar at Hengrave Hall is perfectly positioned next to the Long Gallery and Banqueting Hall, central to the West Terrace gardens, allowing your guests to experience the different rooms as if it is one continuous space. Exclusivity of the venue also allows you access to a retiring room and also a playroom, fully equipped with games, puzzles, TV and a large chalkboard to entertain the little ones.

The church of St John Lateran is within a short stroll of the main house and is available for Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist or United Reform Weddings, Church of England Blessings or any other denominational services.

Civil Ceremonies at Hengrave Hall

Civil marriages can be held in any of our four main reception rooms within the Hall, from an intimate ceremony to the grandeur of the Banqueting Hall – seating all your loved ones. Hengrave offers a magnificent setting for whatever size or style of wedding you desire.

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