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Elms Barn Beccles

Elms Barn Beccles Wedding Photography  Sarah & Dan by Martin Beard Photography

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Elms Barn one of the finest examples of 16th Century rural architecture, The Elms Barn, nestled in the beautiful Waveney Valley, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and elegance for your marriage ceremony and/or reception.

The wonderful 17th century barn, together with a beautiful Queen Anne House and enchanting garden, allows you to experience a true English-country-house style wedding.
Elms Barn is unique in that it offers a wedding celebration over three days during which time the barn, marquee and gardens are exclusively yours.

With a century of care, expertise and style, the gardens at the Elm Barn form an essential and tasteful background to your enjoyment in both Winter and Summer. The Rosewalk is the central and enchanting part of the Elms gardens. Disappear within the aroma and wonder of natural beauty.

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