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Alpheton Barns

Alpheton Barns Wedding Photography by Martin Beard

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Alpheton Barns Wedding Photography

The South Alpheton Barn is also one of the largest venues of its type with an internal footprint of some 3,650 sq ft in addition to the infrastructure (loos, kitchens, storage, coats, etc.) being seamlessly attached.

From 2011, the attached West Barn has also be available with timbers dating back to the 13th century and adding a further 1,150 sq ft to the venue. This barn is already licensed for civil ceremonies and being some 70 ft long by 14 ft wide and seating up to 250 guests, it is ideal for civil ceremonies, with the heavy oak ceremony table being made on site (A year less a day from standing tree to table!)  Further to this the quiet room where young children can take a break from the adults to watch the television or similar Is now available and in great demand !

Alpheton Hall Barn History

The venue  together with the hall and church (formerly chapel to the hall) undoubtedly has a long and fascinating history.  In its present form it dates back to around c.10th century when it was  believed to have been occupied by Aelfflaed, sister in Law to Edmund 1st (Edmund the Magnificent) of England, following the death of her husband Bryhtnoth the Ealdorham of Essex at the Battle of Maldon . The village is named after her Alpheton being a corruption over the centuries of “Aelfflaed’s tun,” tun meaning estate or lands.

The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Alpheton

“The Church is situated immediately adjacent to Alpheton Hall and the Barns and like them it also is believed to date back to the 10th century albeit there is no indication of its dedication prior to the Reformation, it believed to have served as a chapel to the residents of the Hall.”


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