Martin Beard Photography

Seckford Hall Wedding, Martin Beard Photography

Seckford Hall Wedding

Thursday 22nd May 2014

Recent Seckford hall wedding featuring Melissa & Gareth

Seckford Hall Wedding, Martin Beard Photography

Seckford Hall Wedding, Martin Beard Photography

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Seckford Hall is a Tudor period house in Seckford Hall Road, Great Bealings, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. In the same road are Seckford Golf Club and Seckford Farm. The hall is now a luxury hotel.


The hall was constructed in the 1530s as the family home of Thomas Seckford. It is built of local brick in two storeys to an E-shaped plan with a 9-bay frontage.[1] The hall passed down in the Seckford family until 1673, when it was bequeathed to Seckford Cage, after which it passed through several hands by purchase.


In May 1940 Sir Ralph Harwood purchased the neglected building from a demolition contractor, but it was soon afterwards commandeered by the Army for the duration of the Second World War. The property was returned after the war and early in 1946 Sir Ralph began to restore and modernise Seckford Hall using materials rescued from other stately homes and churches. In 1950 the property was acquired by the Bunn family and converted to a first-class country house hotel and restaurant. The hotel is said to contain furniture that was once used in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, including the chair that King Henry VII is said to have died on.