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Bluebell woods at Haughley Park Wedding

Haughley Park Barn Wedding Featuring Bluebell woods

Friday 25th April 2014

Recent Haughley Park Barn wedding featuring Anna & Reg in the bluebell woods

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Martin Beard Photography is a recommended photographer by Haughley Park


Haughley Park are approached through gently undulating

parkland that is enclosed by mature woodland.


Six acres of landscaped gardens surround the buildings, including a main

lawn on the north side of the house, Woodland garden (or Dell), Walled

kitchen garden planned along Edwardian lines, and Carriage turn and round

lawn in front of the house. There is a large fish pond equidistant between the

House and Barn, and in recent years a new garden area was created close

to the Barn to be used predominantly as a drinks lawn.


Haughley Park is a Grade 1 Jacobean manor house with 6 acres of landscaped gardens and a woodland walk as well as a selection of sculptures created by a local sculptor and friend of the family. The house is only available to visit by appointment.


The house was built in 1620. For almost two centuries the house remained in the Sulyard family. With the house under threat of demolition in 1956, Alfred Williams MBE bought the property. After a restoration in 1961 a fire gutted more the half of the house, but left the external walls standing. The restoration started again and is still on going.


There are six acres of landscaped garden including a main lawn, a woodland garden, a walled kitchen garden and a large fish pond. In 2006, large glass sculptures were added to the gardens. A short walk from behind the house leads to Woolpit woods, an old woodland, used in the middle ages as a hunting ground.